Israel is a country in the Middle East. It has been a target of controversy, particularly because of its treatment of Palestinians and the policies it pursues on the domestic front. This article will cover these topics and more.

Things to in Israel

1. Religion

There is a high level of religious observance in Israel. The Jewish population is rather religious and the Muslim population are extremely religious. Amongst the speakers of Arabic, religion is important but not to the same extent as it is in Israel.

2. Education

Israel is renowned for its education system and students often perform well on international tests despite all of their other cultural differences. Israel is one of the few countries to allow female troops to serve in combat roles alongside men.

3. Economy

Shekel is the national currency of Israel. The Israeli economy is highly developed with high GDP growth. Israel has a strong export performance with over 40% of its merchandise exports being to foreign countries.

4.Culture and language

The culture in Israel is quite liberal, especially compared to that in neighboring Arab countries. The official languages in Israel are Hebrew and Arabic, although Hebrew is the main language with a similar position to the British English language in most other countries. There are also French, Russian and Spanish speaking communities in Israel as well as a large Filipino community where they serve a large part of the Israeli army alongside their Israeli counterparts providing engineering capabilities due to their combat experiences overseas.

5. People

Israelis are known worldwide for their high levels of achievements, especially in arts and science. Their military service is all inclusive and mandatory, which is a large part of the Israeli culture, and most Israelis serve in combat roles. Israelis are a very lively and outgoing people, who love to have fun. The Israeli economy means that many young Israelis are moving abroad for work.