A cuddl duds bra could be your perfect first date outfit when paired with a casual blouse or tee. It is especially important to look your best at the beginning of a relationship or first date. When you wear this bra, it gives you the feeling that you are perfect no matter who you are with. It could also be a great outfit to show off your curves and make him think that it is “flattering” on you! Here are the features this bra comes with

1) Cuddl Duds Is Made Out Of Long Sleeve Fabric.

This helps protect women from chafing and irritation caused by un-comfortable plastic underwire in bras (the problems we all know and hate). Cuddl duds are also constructed in such a way that there is no double layer of fabric so it has less bulk. This also contributes to the fashion statement and “less is more” style by making your bra more appealing and sexy.

2) Cuddl Duds Bra’s Straps Are Detachable For Easy Washing

It can be machine washed (air dry) and has removable elastic in the center of the back to help with the removal process (they will not come off during normal wear, unless you want them to).

3) Well Designed

This bra also has a lace trim on the top edge of straps for comfort, style and privacy. The lace trim is attractive, but also hides the bra strap that shows through many blouses.

4) Cuddl Duds Bra Was Designed For Comfort And Easy Access.

The straps are constructed with a ball bearing-like feature on the inside edge which glides against your skin for a smooth feel under clothing. The material used in our bra provides freedom from rubbing, chafing, itching due to its anti-bacterial properties. The side seams and shoulder straps have been positioned to prevent digging into the skin. They are also soft and comfortable and will not irritate the skin like other bras do.


Cuddl Duds Bra is the perfect addition to any woman’s lingerie wardrobe. It has not been designed to be an everyday, every-time bra due to the constant daily occurrence of sweat and moisture in our skin. However, if you really want to wear it every day, no problem! The lace top edge and ample straps also allow this bra to be worn with a variety of outfits without ruining the look.