Candace Cameron Bure is an Emmy Award-winning actress, producer, and fashion designer. In her latest video series, “Candace on Style,” the “Full House” alum showcases her best tips for spring style. From layering to pairing neutrals with pops of color, Candace offers a variety of advice that every woman can use this season. Here are her top five tips:

1) Start With A Fundamental Piece And Layer It Up.

Candace recommends wearing a white or light-colored blouse under a jacket or cardigan to add extra warmth in cool weather climates.

2) Stick To Neutrals When Working With Color.

For example, wear black jeans with a colorful blouse or skirt instead of opting for brighter colors together. This will help keep your outfit more versatile for different outfits and events throughout the week.

3) Start With Something Basic Like A Blazer Or Cardigan, Then Layer Different Items Underneath For More Interest.

She said to start with neutrals, adding pops of color to your look with accessories. “Accessories are the key,” she said. “You can always change them up depending on what you’re wearing.” Bure also recommends investing in quality pieces that will last season after season.

4) She Says That Pastels Are Perfect For Women Of All Ages And Skin Tones.

They’re versatile, and they can go with anything. The actress also recommends opting for natural fabrics like silk and cotton instead of synthetic materials when shopping for clothes. Lastly, Candace advises women to take their time when choosing their wardrobe pieces- ensuring that each part fits well and complements the others in the outfit.

5) Candace Recommends Buying Versatile Pieces That Can Be Dressed Up Or Down.

For example, she said that instead of purchasing a dress that you will only wear for special occasions, buy several dresses that can be worn for different occasions. You won’t have to worry about finding the right dress for a formal event or going out with your friends. Similarly, she advises against wearing too much makeup or trying to be too trendy.


In conclusion, Candace Cameron Bure shared her best fashion tips for Spring. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or just start fresh, her advice will help. Follow her lead and stay stylish all season long!