Too Faced Sweet Peach is a sweet peach-scented limited edition palette that includes two x eye shadows, two x cream eye shadows and a x mini eyeshadow single. This product was released on the 17th October 2017. It was announced with an Instagram campaign that encouraged the use of the hashtag #Peachy2017 to show users their envious reactions to this product.

Advantages of Too Faced Sweet Peach

1. Patented Formula

The Sweet Peach palette was created by Jerrod Blandino and his team. They have been working on this formula for years and when it was finally ready it was decided it would be named Sweet Peach.

2. Unique Packaging

The two palette pans are in different sizes, one is a large pan approximately 4 inches in diameter and the other is a smaller pan approximately 1 inch in diameter. This unique look can be described as “peachy” or “peach”

3. Cute Peach-like Packaging

The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette was available in various packaging choices but in the end he decided to change the packaging to the peach-like style. The palette includes a mirror and a brush that fits within the palette.

4. Special Edition Item

This product is only available for purchase on their website, and not sold in stores or boutiques. This makes it a very special edition item, with a limited supply of pieces made each year.

5. High Quality Makeup Product

The formula of this makeup product is fantastic and it works very well with all skin types and colors. It glides on smoothly and is easy to apply.

6. Unique Formula

The formula has been developed and researched for years, by the Too Faced team and other professionals. The formula is unique because it includes peach, which is a very silent dupe for the blush featured in this palette, Peach Sangria. This creates a natural peachy-pink look on the face and skin which many people like. Many people have commented on Facebook that they do not like this palette or that it “tastes like peach”. However these comments are mainly made by people who have allergies to peach products or some of the ingredients in it or have an intolerance to peaches – this is part of their personal choice of makeup product.