WEN by Chaz Dean is a brand of hair care products that claims to be “transformative” and will “restore your natural beauty by bringing your hair back to life.” This product is geared towards people who dye their hair, use styling products, and those with “different textures” of hair.

Features of WEN by Chaz Dean

1. Cleansing Conditioner

“WEN by Chaz is a breakthrough, 4-in-1 system. It cleanses without stripping, conditions without weighing hair down, detangles without weakening and shines without greasing.”

– This product is supposed to clean your hair while not damaging it as much as other shampoos. It is a conditioner that cleanses your hair at the same time instead of having to use two products.

2. Detangling Conditioner And Styling Aid (“Makes Styling A Breeze”)

This claims to detangle your hair while also conditioning and styling at the same time. It is supposed to be a “2 in 1 product that makes styling easier, less messy and more fun.”

3. Shampoo/conditioner (“The Perfect Co-wash”)

The shampoo claims to cleanse your hair and leave it feeling healthy. It says its “formulated with natural ingredients” that make it ideal for people who have sensitive or allergic scalp issues. It also neutralizes dyes and perms for those who believe their hair softener may be causing harmful effects to their hair. It claims to leave hair shiny and frizz free without weighing hair down.

4. Shine mist (“an elasticizer for hair and scalp”)

This claims to add shine to your hair without making it look like you’ve applied a ton of styling product. It is also supposed to reduce frizz in the hair by adding “flexi-shine elasticity.” The product is “non-greasy” and a “water based formula.” It claims that it has a “unique packino that makes it easy to apply.”

5. Shampoo/conditioner (“the perfect co-wash”)

This product claims to cleanse your hair while not damaging it as much as other shampoos. It also claims to smooth down your hair with every use.