Jimmy Choo perfume spray has a sensual and warm fragrance that is both sweet and spicy. The fruity notes in the scent are expressed through ripened peach, mandarin orange, yellow plum, black currant bud, and Indian sandalwood. The spice is shown through nutmeg oil and pepper which produce a sparkling sensation on the skin.

The Jimmy Choo fragrance was launched in 2006 as an extension of the fashion house’s first fragrance released in 2001 ‘Chloe’. This scent by Chloe is well known for its feminine, floral and fresh scent. Jimmy Choo perfume spray was produced as a woody fragrance in the same line of scents as ‘Chloe’, but with a spice note that makes it more sensual.

Jimmy Choo perfume spray is a product of the brand’s second fragrance named ‘Jimmy Choo’. This fell under the category of oriental fragrance, and was inspired by both Asian and Middle East fragrances. The fragrance was a success, and inspired the latest perfume spray from Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo perfume spray is not sold only in Jimmy Choo boutiques but also by other perfume outlets including department stores, drugstores and discount shops. A small amount of this product can cost as much as $120 for a 200ml bottle. You can purchase it at any time of the day on its official website www.jimmychoo-fragrance.com or in selected city locations such as New York, Tokyo and Paris.

Most people who have tried Jimmy Choo perfume spray liked its originality in the market of fragrances. According to these users it smells very sensual and spicy making it a good choice for women. The Jimmy Choo perfume spray has become a top choice for bold women who do not mind wearing a strong scent that attracts attention.

The Jimmy Choo perfume spray has become so popular that it is often worn by celebrities such as Madonna and Gwen Stefani. In an interview with the fashion house’s representative, the designer told Fox News that he was delighted to have invented this fragrance for women who want to attract attention through strong scents.