Everyone has a playlist with their favorite artists. We have our list of musicians that we love and enjoy. While their music can be inspiring, hearing a personalized message from them can become a very pleasant surprise. It can be a gift for someone you know that loves certain musicians or it can be a message of encouragement. There are plenty of artists that lend their voices to such messages.

8. The Naked Cowboy

While The Naked Cowboy may not be a very admired artist, he is certainly creative. For more than 25 years he has been rocking Times Square. If you may not meet him in Times Square, you can get a personalized message from him and send it to a friend.

A well-established musician and artist, Christina Milian won the hearts of her fans with her amazing voice. With several songs reaching the US and UK Billboard charts, Christina remains one of the more successful musicians after being active in the industry since 1996.

Known for her television appearances and musical career, Justina Valentine knows how to maintain herself in the spotlight. With a loyal fanbase and a solid career behind her, the female artist demonstrates a wide range of talents that are not limited to music.

While some may call Ceelo Green a one-hit-wonder, nobody can deny the native talent and amazing voice of the musician. Green still holds a loyal fanbase that still enjoys his music. Fans can also enjoy personalized messages from the musician or offer them as gifts.

While AKON established himself as one of the most famous musicians and rappers, the artist also built an impressive reputation as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. His music and words of encouragement can lift anyone’s spirit.

Boy George is a symbol of 90’s disco music. His amazing voice and affinity for music made him one of the most recognizable musicians in history. With several albums released and a successful career as a DJ, Boy George manages to remain relevant even in this day and age.

Ice T made a successful career out of his talent for rap music. Everyone knows him as one of the most successful musicians in the US and across the globe. His talent, imposing voice, and attitude also transitioned into film and television having Ice T becoming a well-established influencer.

While deadmau5 is not famous for his voice, everyone enjoys his music and has been doing so for many years. Known as one of the most successful musicians and producers, deadmau5 is also an avid collector of old musical equipment and a hardcore tech enthusiast.