Marcy recumbent bike is a piece of exercise equipment which is used for low-impact aerobic activities. There are many benefits of recumbent bikes because you don’t have to use excessive pressure on your lower back and joints. It also has an adjustable seat that can fit the person’s height, so there is no need to move the seat. Marcy recumbent bike is made up of a padded, tubular steel frame with a rigid bondless steel fork and handlebars, which makes it one of the best exercise machines today because they are strong and sturdy as well as affordable.

Features Of Marcy Recumbent Bike

1. Hand Grip Pulse Sensors

This recumbent bike features hand grip pulse sensors which measure your heart rate and it is easy to use. You will see the light indicating the number of calories burned, you will know how long you are exercising and how many calories you have burned during a workout.

2.Foot Pedal

There is a foot pedal which is attached to the recumbent bike and it allows you to choose between time or speed. For example, if you press the pedal all the way down, it will move quickly and decrease your time; if you do not press it all the way down, only 40% of power is transmitted to the pedals. The pulse sensors will also record your heart rate when using this feature.

3. Weight Capacity

This Marcy recumbent bike can support up to 350 pounds of weight. It has a silver powder coat finish which makes it look stylish and elegant. The seat is padded, wide and ergonomically designed.

4. Easy Assembly

This Marcy recumbent bike is easy to assemble and only requires small hardware tools like a screwdriver and a wrench to assemble it together. All the parts are packed in individual boxes, one for each part that you need when putting it together, so you can easily identify them without any confusion or hassle.

5. Adjustable Seat

The recumbent bike has an adjustable seat, which is also made of durable nylon, and it can fit people at different heights. The bike does not need any charging and you can use it for as long as you want. Because of the adjustable seat, there is no need to change the position or adjust the height of your seat to meet your needs because it can be adjusted anytime you want. It has a padded handlebars with rubber grips and foam padding to keep your hands comfortable while you are riding it.