Sit-twist core exerciser exercise plate is a fitness product where by performing the core exercises with a twisting motion to work your abs, obliques, lower back and all other muscles that support your spine. It is a versatile exercise piece for training both the upper and lower body.

Features Of Sit-twist Core Exerciser Exercise Plate

1.Has A Nice Construction

This is in a center of a top quality and well-constructed fitness equipment. It is constructed with chrome plated steel for durability. It supports 600 pounds of static weight capacity and 600 pounds of dynamic weight capacity, thereby making it suitable for you at any fitness level.

2.Has Simple Exercises

There are three different options that you can perform on this sit-twist core exerciser exercise plate; the twist, the crunch and the open sit up routine. These exercises are perfect to give full body workout while performing them on this product. The twist gives your core muscles a good workout while the crunches help you to strengthen your upper body and back muscles as well as giving you good coordination with maximum stability.


This product is versatile and can be used for various exercises; sitting, lying or using it as an abdominal bench. It is a great whole body exercise tool which helps you to target all the muscles of your body. The equipment comes with an easy to follow exercise guide booklet and DVD where you will find different muscles that your body uses, when performing the exercises. This product gives a great workout without any joint pains or stress on your muscles and tendons because it has a good cushioning effect.

4.Very Affordable Price

With this sit twist core exerciser exercise plate, you get all the benefits of training in the gym at home without any additional cost to buy other fitness equipment. The price is pocket-friendly so anybody can have a core workout at home. It is a high quality product that will give you the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals without spending a lot of time.

5.Has Three Different Difficulty Levels

The sit twist core exerciser exercise plate comes with three different difficulty levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level has 3 twisting exercises while the advanced level has 7 twisting and crunching exercises. The most important thing when buying this product is to choose the right level for your fitness level because it might cause injuries if you use it on an advanced level when you are not yet ready for it.